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Agnieszka RIVOLLET

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Agnieszka Rivollet– the face behind Rivollet Consulting.  Supports entrepreneurs, small businesses and international companies identify market opportunities, develop solid, viable commercial strategies, and create and integrate scalable processes to help her clients build stronger teams and sell better. 

Agnieszka combines the valuable and recognised certifications with real-life experience. She aims to support her clients’ workforce with knowledge, tailored guidance and learning reinforcement. She leads them to upscale their skills and personality for successful new business development.

Driven by curiosity and passion for inter-human relationships, Agnieszka constantly enriches her knowledge by studying psychology of work and organizations at CNAM and challenging herself by learning the Korean language.

From a more private side, Agnieszka enjoys her family life, dedicates hours to local charities and associations and spends as much time as possible on personal development.

“We are born makers. We move what we’re learning from our heads to our hearts through our hands.”
Brené Brown

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Client Testimonials

I came across Agnieszka's vocational workshops for women a year ago when I was starting my teaching studies in Canada. Thanks to Agnieszka and her uncomfortable questions, which I always avoided, I realized I would like to teach adults, not children. It saved me a lot of time and money. Thanks to Agnieszka, I learned various techniques for setting goals and focusing attention. Thanks to the tools I learned at the workshop, I could finally fulfil my dream. I wrote a self-study book Aviation English and started my Gear Up Aviation English company.
I took part in the group coaching organized by Agnieszka in 2021. I found myself suddenly unemployed following an invalid trial period. I lost confidence in myself following this professional experience and needed a little boost to immerse myself in the new research. I loved the accompaniment offered by Agnieszka. He is very passionate, professional and invested in her work. She makes herself available to the participants she accompanies. The exercises and sessions offered by Agnieszka have reinforced my choice of career. She also gave me the tools to succeed in the recruitment process. I finished coaching with Agnieszka in December 2021. Consequently, I received three job offers at the end of January 2022. Agnieszka is an excellent coach whom I recommend to all my relatives in search of meaning in my professional life.
Agnieszka has been working with me side to side while I was developing my brand Ag&AgVerlag designing and implementing systems of marketing and sales. She is a perfect team player. She impressed me with her knowledge and business skills. From the beginning, she was an excellent supporter and the driving force of my project. She helped me a ton to open up to the world and to believe in my success. It was a very efficient collaboration. With Agnieszka, nothing is impossible for your business.

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