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Business Development

Created by Agnieszka Rivollet in 2022, the company benefits from her experience of more than 20 years in business development functions in an international environment. Agnieszka can provide technology companies with the “soft skills” necessary for commercial success. A graduate of international business, certified coach and trainer, Agnieszka combines experience and theory to support her clients.

Agnieszka relies on a network of experts enabling it to respond to various issues encountered by people and their organizations. The company’s areas of expertise are the commercial and marketing functions and the management of intercultural relations.

Our offer :

  • A business development outsourcing service that accelerates the launch of a product or service,

  • Support for a sales team to make it more efficient,

  • Support in the recruitment of a sales manager,

  • Prospecting and direct canvassing,

  • The preparation of participation in the trade shows allows us to answer the short-term challenges.

Our strength :

  • An operational service,
  • Support expertise,
  • Proven experience in international sales management positions.


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